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Let us know if it is worth carrying on with this site.



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300k views ohmygosshh

Both of us have currently got exams going on that’s why we’ve been quiet for soooo long. Neither of us have had any time to do customs considering we’ve both kinda quit graal, well mostly me lol

June/July I WILL be posting some edits, finally!!<3

Thank-you so so so much for 300k! I literally didn’t think we’d get this many views based on our inactivity these past few months;0 Our exams end in June so after that we should be able to get this website back to it’s normal, spammy little self.

You’re all amazingggg! Much love xoxo 

Jess x

P.s. watch the walking dead okokokokok bye 

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Here’s a super quick doodle, not really shaded and the smoke?lmaaaaao. Anyway, really sorry about the severe lack of posts. Jess (ari) quit, and I’ve just not had time/been super lazy. There will be new posts with new customs soon. Thankyou for the views guys<3 


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Christmas again

As you can probably tell we’re both really busy. However, I will be doing some requests if anyone wants any customs.

Edit of a head-1 pink present

Head from scratch-2 pink presents 

Edit of a body-2 dark blue presents 

Customs you want editing please send to: or pm my graal account: leader of labyrinth

Hope you all have a lovely holiday, lots of love from both of us.

Ariel xoxo

P.s~thankyou so much for the 250k views!!

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Please read.


If anyone wants me to finish this, just pm me on graal (kitokat). I’m also taking requests but it’ll cost sellables depending on what you want doing and how fast. Check out Ariel’s awesome contest below and thanks for 225k+ views. 



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Halloweens my fav

this is my first time I’ve ever hosted a contest lol, so yay me.

So basically, I’m looking for a really good drawing consisting of all the features above. It could be that you’ve drawn a background (deserted house, spooky abandoned building, anything you like) the only rules are it has to have the ghost, zombie, zombie animal, pumpkin and the witch
you don’t need to be an amazing drawerI want really good creative ideas. It could be a comic strip with the different Halloween characters, a book cover with all them on, anything you like.
On the picture it does say it can be hand drawn or it can be digitally drawn. I don’t mind if you use an idea of a drawing but don’t copy and paste it or draw it exactly in to your picturebe original and edit it so that it’s yours.
You can include more characters if you would like to in your picture. Doesn’t have to be perfect, just be creative(:
DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 5TH send your entries via my kik: Ariel_graal or by email: One picture is allowed with all of the characters plus more pictures if you would like to send them as well (all Halloween related)
Any questions spam on graal, email or kik.

P.s the first winner wins a head and body made by me, anything you would like plus a Halloween head. And the second winner receives a Halloween head and an edit of a chosen head.

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                                                                                             Autumn Post…

acompareblonde braid brown braid copper braid red braid     black short blonde short brown short red short zbody    blonde braided  braid body cat blonde  braid body cat brown  brown braided

This took me ages to align, it’s so annoying ughh.

Credits to original makers. These are just edits.

Ariel xoxo